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Colour Seed:

Hit Display to generate the wallpaper. The patterns generated can be changed by altering the values for CornerA, CornerB and/or Side. Larger values of side result in a smaller patterns. The colours used may be modified by altering the Colour Seed value.

The pattern is generated by a very simple algorithm (colour handling omitted for clarity):

        for i = 0 to 400
        for j = 0 to 400
        x = CornerA + i * Side / 100
        y = CornerB + j * Side / 100
        c = int( x*x + y*y )
        if c is even plot(i,j)

Wallpaper is based on Chapter 1, Algorithms, in "The New Turing Omnibus" by A. K. Dewdney.

Written in TypeScript, using HTML5 Canvas. Source Typescript code is available.