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Revised handling of CSV files from financial institutions

John Lewis have changed their credit card download format yet again. The changes required some additional configurability to be added to

The modifications consist of:

Here's a (fictious) example of a mkqif.cfg file, configuring a Barclay's credit card statement:

   ; This is a comment
   nheaders=2                ; Number of header lines to skip in CSV
   ncols=4                   ; Number of columns expected in CSV 
   date_col=0                ; CSV column containing xcn date
   payee_col=1               ; CSV column containing payee name
   amount_col=2              ; CSV column containing debit amount
   credit_col=3              ; CSV column containing credit amount (or flag)
   debit_is_negative=False   ; debit values are positive (i.e. not QIF-like)
   file_regexp=barclays.*csv ; regexp to select source CSV files
   date_format=%d/%b/%Y      ; format of xcn date
   credit_regexp=PAYMENT.*   ; regexp to indicate credit is in amount column
Upgrade to Windows 10 1903Index